Deye unveils high-voltage hybrid inverters for rooftop PV applications

rooftop PV applications
SUN 50K hybrid inverter
Image: Deye

NingBo Deye Inverter Technology (Deye) has developed new three-phase hybrid inverters for commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftop PV projects. The China-based inverter manufacturer showcased the new line at the SNEC trade show last week in Shanghai, China.

Deye offers the Sun 29.9-50K inverters, which allow up to 10 devices to be connected for on-grid or off-grid use. These hybrid inverters can be AC-coupled to retrofit existing solar systems and are described as high-voltage, highly efficient, and reliable.

The series consists of five versions, with power outputs ranging from 29.9 kW to 50 kW. The inverters have dimensions of 527 mm x 894 mm x 294 mm and weigh 80 kg.

With efficiency ratings of 97.60% and a European efficiency rating of 97.0%, the inverters feature three or four maximum power point tracking (MPPT) points. The MPPT voltage range is 150 V to 850 V, with a maximum PV power input of 38.87 kW for the 29.9 kW inverters and 65 kW for the 50 kW devices. The maximum input voltage is 1,000 V.

Operating within a temperature range of -40 C to 60 C, the inverters have IP65-rated protection. They come with lithium-ion batteries that have voltages ranging from 160 V to 800 V, supporting a maximum charge/discharge current of 50 A.

The devices are backed by a five-year warranty, with an optional 10-year warranty available.

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