German solar market hits high of €0.261/kWh in July

PV system operators in Germany recorded high revenues in July, as solar generation continued to break record after record.

solar generation

From June to July, the market value of solar increased by more than €0.07 ($0.071) to reach its highest value in 2022 of €0.26093/kWh, according to the country’s transmission system operator. Power spot market prices also rose sharply, increasing by almost €0.10 to reach €0.0315/kWh in July.

The market value for both onshore and offshore wind soared, reaching €0.278/kWh and €0.287/kWh, respectively. Compared to May, this represents almost a doubling in value for wind, along with a major increase in the spot price.

Operators in Germany’s direct marketing system can thus look forward to high revenues, as Fraunhofer ISE has reported new record amounts for solar generation in July for the third month in a row. The report shows that PV systems in Germany produced 8.223 TWh of electricity, marking the second time that the 8 TWh mark has been surpassed since June.

The value of €0.261/kWh is significantly above those outlined for the direct marketing mechanism in Germany’s Renewable Energy Act (EEG). It is also far above the values for both rooftop and ground-mount systems that have been produced by tenders in the country.

In the recent “Easter package” update to the EEG, Germany’s federal government significantly increased the values to be applied in direct marketing, with systems that receive feed-in-tariffs remaining eligible to receive bonuses. However, the €0.134/kWh that will be paid to all PV systems up to 10 kW in size, assuming they have been commissioned since the end of July, is still far below solar electricity’s current market value.

This article was amended on 09/08 to correct the market value numbers, which were previously out by one decimal place.

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