Growatt launches new balcony storage solution

NEO 800TL-X Microinverter
NEO 800TL-X Microinverter with the NOAH 2000 Battery
Image: Growatt

Chinese inverter maker Growatt has unveiled a new balcony solar storage system combining its NEO 800TL-X Microinverter and the NOAH 2000 Battery.

“Utilizing a Y-Branch Solar Parallel Cable, the NOAH 2000 can be connected to four solar modules, harnessing more solar energy efficiently,” the company said in a statement. “It stores all excess energy in a battery during the daytime and returns it whenever you need it, improving solar energy utilization efficiency.”

According to the company, the recommended PV connection for the system is two inputs of up to 900 W. The maximum battery output, according to the product’s datasheet, is up to 800 W. “It has an IP66 waterproof rating, making it safe for use in villas, balconies, gardens, and apartments regardless of the weather conditions,” the company added.

The system allows the stacking of four LiFePO4 batteries together. Each battery has a capacity of 2,048 Wh, which can reach up to 8,192 Wh of storage capacity when four modules are connected. “The H4 quick connector between microinverter and NOAH battery storage, and easy battery expansion by stacking only, allow installation in just 5 minutes,” Growatt said.

Each storage solution weighs 23 kg and measures 406 mm x 235 mm x 270 mm. Its charging temperature range is between 0 C and 45 C, and it can discharge at a range of -20 C to 45 C.

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