Growatt unveils new inverters for residential off-grid PV systems

off-grid PV systems
SPF 6000 ES Plus inverter
Image: Growatt

Growatt has unveiled its new SPF 6000 ES Plus inverters for residential off-grid solar power systems.

“The inverter’s string input current reaches up to 16A, making it compatible with 500W+ large power PV modules,” the manufacturer said. “The inverter includes dual MPP trackers for houses with multiple rooftop areas, supporting panel installation at different orientations and higher energy generation.”

The 6 kW inverters have an efficiency rating of 93% and 12,000 VA of surge power. They also feature input voltage of up to 500 V and 8 kW of PV input power.

The inverters are housed in IP20 enclosures and measure 460 mm x 395 mm x 132 mm. They weigh 15.5 kg. Their operating ambient temperature ranges from 0 C to 50 C, with an integrated automatic transfer switch (ATS) and two AC terminals for power input.

“In terms of performance and reliability, the new product has a power factor of 1.0 that allows the system to draw a power output of 6kW for the loads and 2kW for charging the battery when solar energy is sufficient,” said the Chinese inverter maker. “Also, by adding the dust-proof design, it prevents faults caused by excessive dust and improves product reliability, making maintenance easier while extending its operational lifespan.”

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