JinkoSolar hits highest conversion efficiency with 182 mm TOPCon module

182 mm TOPCon module
Image: JinkoSolar

JinkoSolar has announced a new conversion efficiency record for its 182 mm N-type TOPCon solar module. TÜV SÜD said that it achieved a conversion efficiency of 25.42%.

“This further reinforces our confidence that N-type TOPCon technology is the most competitive technology choice for sustainability and, as a result, has substantial growth potential,” said the Chinese PV module manufacturer. “The lab result has the practical foundation to be fast introduced into mass production, and technically set the direction for mass production of subsequent advanced products.”

Hao Jin, JinkoSolar’s CTO, said that the company will continue to invest in R&D innovation and mass production capabilities. The manufacturer has now broken an efficiency record for the second time in a month, as it achieved a 33.24% efficiency rating for its perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells at the end of May.

In January, JinkoSolar said it had granted N-type TOPCon technology patents to a number of undisclosed solar module companies, in exchange for licensing fees. More recently, the company said its solar module shipments reached 78.5 GW in 2023. It has also broken ground on a 56 GW solar panel factory in China’s Shanxi province.

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