Longi achieves 25.82% efficiency for heterojunction solar cell

The result, confirmed by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH), was achieved on a heterojunction solar cell based on an M6 wafer.

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Chinese PV module maker Longi announced it achieved a power conversion efficiency of 25.82% for a heterojunction solar cell based on an M6 wafer.

The manufacturer said the result was confirmed by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH). “The new record follows the previous benchmark of 25.26% in June, also established by Longi,” the manufacturer said in a statement. “The two world records set within five months of each other underline the company’s leading position in innovative high-efficiency solar cell technology and its vision to drive forward the sustainable and rapid development of the global PV industry.”

More technical details on the cell technology were not provided.

Longi had announced in July a 25.19% efficiency for p-type TOPCon solar cell and a month earlier a 25.21% efficiency for n-type TOPCon device.

In January 2019, Longi announced an efficiency rating of 24.06% for a monocrystalline p-type PERC cell on the front side.


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