Longi claims world’s highest efficiency for p-type, indium-free HJT solar cells

p-type heterojunction
Image: Longi

Longi has revealed that it has achieved power conversion efficiencies in mass production of 26.56% for a gallium-doped p-type HJT solar cell and 26.09% for an indium-free HJT cell, both based on M6 full-size monocrystalline silicon wafers. The results have been confirmed by ISFH.

“Addressing the long-term pain point of HJT cells, Longi’s R&D team focused on market demand and technological innovation to achieve the new conversion efficiency for its commercial gallium-doped silicon wafer, 0.44% higher than the 26.12% announced in September this year,” the company said in a statement.

The Chinese PV module maker announced a power conversion efficiency of 26.12% for the same solar cell in September, and an efficiency rating of 25.47% in March.

For the indium-free HJT cells, the team replaced traditional indium-based transparent conductive film with alternative materials. It claims the different materials are cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

“The development also offers a potential solution to the industry’s dependence on indium for large-scale mass production, signaling a way forward for HJT to move towards terawatt scale production levels,” said Longi.

In November, Longi claimed a record-breaking 26.81% efficiency rating for an unspecified HJT solar cell. In addition, the Chinese manufacturer recorded an efficiency of 26.5% for a n-type heterojunction solar cell in June and a 25.19% rating for a p-type TOPCon solar cell in July 2021. In June 2021, it reported a 25.21% efficiency rating for an n-type TOPCon PV cell.

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