Longi releases new alkaline electrolyzer

Image: Longi

Longi Hydrogen, a subsidiary of Chinese module manufacturer Longi, said on Tuesday that it has released a new line of alkaline electrolyzers.

It said the standard ALK Hi1 electrolyzer can achieve an energy content of 4.3 kWh per normal cubic meter (Nm3) with a full-load DC power source. It claimed that its ALK Hi1 Plus version can achieve an energy content of 4.1 kWh/Nm3, or even as low as 4.0 kWh/Nm3, at a current density of 2500 A/m2.

Li Can, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), said that electrolyzers now on the market can achieve an average energy content of 4.5-4.6 kWh/Nm3.

“If renewable energy can deliver power at around CNY0.2 ($0.03)/kWh, Longi’s electrolyzer can produce hydrogen at CNY1 per cubic meter which is close to hydrogen from coal,” he said.

Longi Hydrogen said the new ALK Hi1 series can directly reduce 10% of DC electricity use in hydrogen generation, for a levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) reduction of between 1.8% to 2.2%.

“This compensates for between 10% to 25% of the initial investment,” the company said.

Longi Hydrogen said its ALK Hi1 line has been tested and certified by third-party authorities such as Det Norske Veritas and Dekra. Representatives from Wanhua Chemical and China National Energy (CHN Energy) participated in the new product release.

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