Micro-inverter for high-power solar panels from Hoymiles

Micro-inverter for high-power solar panels from Hoymiles

The device has a 4-in-1 design, which means it can be connected with four solar panels with a power output of up to 625 W each, through four independent connections. The output of each panel is tracked and converted individually. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the micro-inverter can ensure savings of up to 50% due to the lower number of devices and cables needed.

high-powered microinverter

Chinese micro-inverter maker Hoymiles Power Electronics Inc. has recently unveiled a new product for high-power modules. “The HMS-2000 micro-inverter is being produced at our factory in Hangzhou,” a company’s spokesperson told pv magazine. “It is currently being solar in all markets.”

The device can be connected with four modules in an approach that the manufacturer defines as “4-in-1,” which enables the deployment of a larger number of solar panels by reducing the number of microinverters used. These devices differ from string inverters, as they have four independent connections and the output of each panel is tracked and converted individually.

4-in-1 design Micro-inverter

“The 4-in-1 design enables 4 MPPTs in a single microinverter, thus saving 40-50% of the costs compared with similar solutions,” the spokesperson went on to say. “The module-level monitoring also makes it super easy to check power generation status and simplifies maintenance.”

The micro-inverter measures 331 × 218 x 34.6 mm and weighs 4.7 kg. Its nominal MPPT efficiency is 99.8% and the California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency is 96.5%. It also features a maximum output power of up to 2000 VA, which the company said is a new benchmark for the industry.

The new product has a maximum input voltage of 65 V and an MPPT voltage range between 16 and 60 V. It can be used with solar modules ranging in power output from 400 to 625 W.

The inverter also features natural convection cooling, IP67-rated protection, and independent MPPT and monitoring. “Our latest high-powered microinverter solution lowers costs and expands the applicability of microinverters in industrial and commercial scenarios,” the spokesperson stated.

In early December, Hoymiles successfully completed its initial public offering with the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). The Hangzhou-based company offered 10 million shares at a price of RMB557.8 (US$87.8) per share. The capital raised through this IPO is estimated to be RMB5.58 billion (US$879 million).

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