Solar L Feet Roof Solar Mounting L Feet Accessories


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Solar L Feet Roof Solar Mounting L Feet Accessories

L feet bracket kit can have several measurement design as waterproof bracket and anchor to fit different solar rails for tin roofs.

China Solar L Foot
Metal Roof L Feet


Advantage as follow:

* Pre-assemble kits makes quick installation and saves installation time and cost;
* Use EPDM washer provide maximum waterproofing;
* L feet Widely install on Trapezoid, corrugated other tin roofs ;
* Compatible to various types of solar PV modules;
* Light material,anodized, long life span.
ApplicationPitched Roof
 Roof Type Trapezoidal Metal Roof
 Tilt Angle 0°to 15°
 Wind Speed 60 m/s
 Snow Load 1.4 KN/m²
 Solar Panel Framed and Frameless
 Panel Layout Portrait or Landscape
 Design Standard AS/NZS 1170,DIN 1055,JIS C8955 :2017 ,International Building Code IBC 2009
 Material Structure: Al6005-T5(Anodized) Components: SUS304 & Al6005-T5(Anodized)
*DIY aluminum solar panel roof mounting systems, with variety of different tin roof brackets, Sunlink tin roof mounting system can meet trapezoid/corrugated metal roof and standing seam roof demand with or without penetrating on the roofs.

* The system can achieve stable and strong connection between the roof support structure and solar modules with solar roof mounting patented design. Pre-assembled kits save the installation time and cost onsite.

*No necessary to pre-drill hole and penetration before installation, easy and quick install directly.
Short Rail


Solar L Feet is applicable to the following solutions:

Trapezoidal Metal Roof

1.Fixed to roof with screws directly.

2.Roof mounted with hanger bolts.

L Feet Solar Panel Mounting Kits

3.Mounted on the roof with roof clamps.
For Tin Roof Mount
Solar Panel Roof Mounting
Installation steps of solar roof mounting system with L foot brackets:
1. Fasten L feet onto the metal roof with wood screw ;
2. Connect the rail to the L feet by bolts and nuts;
3. Fix the solar panels on the rails by our mid/end clamps.

Project Cases

Brackets Universal Trapezoidal


* Easy and fast to install


* Wildly be use in commercial and residential metal rooftop;

Tin Roof Solar Mounting
Tin Roof Mounting Bracket


* Pre-assemble kits makes quick installation

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