Growatt MAX 50~75KTL3-XL 2 On Grid Inverter 50-75KW


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Growatt MAX 50~75KTL3-XL 2 On Grid Inverter 50-75KW

  • 8 MPPTs fusefree design
  • Smart I/V scan and diagnosis
  • Intelligent string monitoring
  • AC&DC type II SPD
  • IP66 and C5 protection

Product Introduction

Commercial Rooftop Inverter

Growatt MAX 50~75KTL3-XL 2 is the most up-to-date smart inverter solution for commercial & industrial solar systems. It’s of compact design and an outstanding efficiency of up to 98.8%. The Growatt MAX XL 2 series also has 8 MPPT trackers, connecting to the power grid as well as solar panels and generates substantial savings in your electric bill.

Growatt 50Kw 60Kw 70Kw 75Kw

Commercial & Industrial Photovoltaic Inverter

MAX 50-75KTL3-XL2
50-75kW | 8 MPPTs | 3Ø 220VCA
  • MAX 50KTL3-XL 2
  • MAX 60KTL3-XL 2
  • MAX 70KTL3-XL 2
  • MAX 75KTL3-XL 2

High Yields


– 8 MPPT fuseless design

– Maximum efficiency up to 98.8%.

Safety and Reliability

– AC&DC type II SPD
– IP66 and C5 protection

Smart O&M

– Intelligent monitoring of chains
– Intelligent I/V scanning and diagnosis

The MAX-X2 and MAX-XL2 series inverter works as follows:

1>Photovoltaic panels collect solar energy to generate direct current to the inverter.
2>With inrush current detection circuit, it can monitor the working status of all PV panels and use MPPT to track the maximum power point.
3>The inverter circuit changes power from DC to AC and returns power to the grid based on the grid’s requirements.
4>With output isolation relay can isolate AC output and grid, if something goes wrong on either inverter or grid side, isolation relay can disconnect inverter immediately.

On-grid connection system diagram:

3 Phase Mppt Solar Inverter
APhotovoltaic moduleCElectric meter
BPV inverterDGrid

Product Paramenters

Growatt Inverter Max Series
DatasheetMAX 50KTL3-XL 2MAX 60KTL3-XL 2MAX 70KTL3-XL 2MAX 75KTL3-XL 2
Input data (DC)

Max. recommended PV power

(for module STC)

Full load voltage range370~600V
Start voltage195V
Nominal voltage370V
MPP voltage range180V~850VDC
No. of MPP trackers8
No. of PV strings per MPP tracker2
Max. input current per MPP tracker40A
Max. short-circuit current
per MPP tracker
Output data (AC)
AC nominal power50000W60000W70000W75000W
Max. AC apparent power55000VA66000VA66000VA @208V
70000VA @220V
73000VA @230V
71000VA @208V
75000VA @220V
78400VA @230V
Nominal AC voltage(range*)127V/220V (101.6-139.7V)
AC grid frequency(range*)50/60 Hz(45~55Hz/55-65 Hz)
Max. output current145.8A @220V175.0A @220V183.7A @220V196.9A @220V
Adjustable power factor0.8leading …0.8lagging
AC grid connection type3W/PE or 3W/N/PE
European efficiency98.30%
MPPT efficiency99.90%
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