Luxpower LXP-LB-EU 12K 3 MPPT Hybrid Inverter 12KW Single Phase Solar Inverter


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Luxpower LXP-LB-EU 12K 3 MPPT Hybrid Inverter 12KW Single Phase Solar Inverter

  • 3 MPPTs, Max. 18kW of PV input
  • 12kW UPS output for backup during power cuts
  • Supports up to 10pcs in parallel for on/off grid
  • Octopus smart time of use, weather optimize
  • On/off grid seamless switching under 20ms
  • Separate GEN port

    -Smart load prioritize necessities

    -Up to 20.7kW Gen/AC coupling input


Luxpower LXP-LB-EU 12K 3 MPPT Hybrid Inverter 12KW Single Phase Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

Product Description

Solar PV Inverter



  • Battery for inverter have more Stronger UPS, max. 250A discharging current
  • 200A pass through relay to EPS, easy installation
  • Plug & Play, seamless switching under 10ms
  • Normal 230, 240V, split phase 120/240, 120/208V, 100/200V available



  • Battery Inverter advanced parallel, up to 120kW
  • Host inverter automatically generated to manage entire system when parallel
  • Equipped with built-in circuit breakers, eliminating the need for additional installation
  • Enhanced visibility and user experience through a color LCD touch screen interface
Solar Inverter Price
PV Grid Tied Inverter



  • AC coupling function
  • Separate generator interface
  • Battery inverter work with utilities to intelligently manage the battery and save bills
  • Optional 10 year warranty

Product Parameters

Integrated Inverter
Max. PV array power(W)18000
Rated PV input voltage(V)360V
Number of independent MPPT inputs3
PV input voltage range(V)100~600
MPPT voltage range(V)120~500
Start-up voltage(V)140
Max. PV input current per MPPT(A)25/15/15
Max. PV short-circuit current input per MPPT(A)31/19/19
Compatible battery typeLithium-ion/Lead-Acid
Rated battery voltage(Lithium-ion/Lead-Acid)(V)48
Battery voltage range(V)40~60
Max. charging/discharging current(A)250
Max. charging power(W)12000
Force wake up battery from PV fuction(Y/N)Y
Rated AC voltage(V)230
Rated AC frequency(Hz)50/60
Rated AC output current(A)50
Rated AC output power(W)11500
Max. AC intput current(A)200
PF0.99(Adjustable from 0.8 leading to0.8 lagging)
Rated AC current of BYPASS relays(A)200
Rated output power(W)11500
Rated output voltage(V)230
Rated output current(A)50
Rated output frequency(Hz)50/60
Surge power, duration2Pn, 0.5s
Switching time(UPS )20ms
Wave formSine wave
Max. MPPT efficiency99.00%
Max. efficiency99.00%
Max. charging efficiency96.00%
Max. discharging efficiency94.00%
Ingress protection ratingIP65
Relative humidity0~100%
Operating environment temperature range-25~60°C
Storage temperature range-25~60°C
Display & Communication interfaceTouch color screen, RS485/Wi-Fi/CAN
Warranty5 years
Cooling methodSmart cooling
Noise emission(typical)<50dB
Standards & Certification
EMC SANS 211:2010/CISPR 2015+A1:2016, IEC 61000-2-2-2012+A1:2017+A2:2018, Cape Town list, G99, G100, NRS 097-2-1:2017

Installation Instructions

Inverter with Battery Charger

Solar Battery Inverter Application

This product and relevant system is suitable for following system applications (system diagram):

Solar Inverters

System Connection

A new design of solar and battery inverters that can use in on-grid solar, off-grid solar and back-up systems. The LXP Hybrid implements a programmable and scheduled intelligent solar storage system. This power inverter battery can help increase your solar energy self-use and protect your home appliances from grid shortages. Power battery inverter can also balance your energy use strategy to save on energy costs.

Power Inverter
LXP hybrid inverters support variable working modes
  1. Self consumption mode: Solar energy is first used to carry the house load, and the remaining solar energy is used to charge the batteries, which can then charge and integrate the solar energy into the grid.
  2. Force charge and discharge mode: The power inverter battery can charge or discharge the battery according to the time set by the user.
  3. Charge first mode: Solar energy will be used first to charge the inverter battery, then for the home load, and finally fed into the grid. This model is suitable for areas with unstable power supply from the grid.
Solar Hybrid Inverter


Parallel Connection

The LXP hybrid inverter MG series support parallel connection function. Which means users can extend their off grid power very easily. Due to the advanced control method, there are some advantages for the parallel system:

As more as 9 inverters can be connected
There is no requirement for same length of cable connection
Users can connect all inverters to a big battery bank or connect to different battery group

Solar Power Inverter
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