Smart BMS for Lithium Battery


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Smart BMS for Lithium Battery

1. High stability
2. High compatibility, suitable for most mainstream inverters on the market
3. High added value
4. The role of information collection
5. Excellent heat dissipation
6. Different from other BMS on the market, it has a longer service life

Battery Management System(BMS)

16S 50/100/150/200A 48V Lifepo4 lithium battery board
LFP Cell Balance BMS with LCD screen

1. We can provide CANBUS/RS485 24V/48V 50A/100A/150A/200A Lifepo4/NCM BMS,for prismatic or Cylindrical lithium battery pack

2.We can provide two kinds of BMS boards with different communication modes, one is BMS using CANBUS communication protocol and the other is BMS using RS485 communication protocol, so that customers can have more flexible choices.

3.Our BMS can support up to 16 units in parallel operation.


4.The main functions are: CANBUS communication、RS485 communication、Passive balance、Individual cell over voltage protection、Over(under)voltage protection、temperature protect、over charge(discharge) protection, over current protection, Short circuit protection etc.

Attention : when we want to view the battery pack parameters through the battery parameter monitoring software, we need to use the Rj45 to USB Adapter to connect the battery pack to the computer. We recommend that you purchase an Rj45 to USB Adapter from us.Adapters purchased from the market may not work properly due to the definition of the hardware

CANBUS mother board

Now our CANBUS communication board supports these brands of inverters,and our BMS has built-in CANBUS protocol of matching inverter brand, which can be automatically matched or manually switched:*The default is the Pylontech CANBUS protocol
* Goodwe
* Growatt (The default is SPF(off-grid) protocol. If your inverter is SPH(Hybrid-inverter) , please contact the sales person)

* Victron
* Sofar
* Sermatec
* FoxESS

RS485 mother board

Now our RS485 communication board supports these brands of inverters,The BMS with RS485 communication has a built-in RS485
protocol, please confirm with the salesman before buying what you need is that one RS485 protocol. *The default is the Pylontech
RS485 protocol
* Voltronic
* Phocos
* Growatt
If the inverter brand not in the listed, please ask your inverter supplier for the protocol define. And sent it to us, we’ll help confirm that.

Product Paramenters

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