Solar On Grid System 3KW 5KW Energy Power Systems Home Use


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Solar On Grid System 3KW 5KW Energy Power Systems Home Use

3kw on grid solar power system

Product Features:


Solar Panels

  • Suitable for distributed projects
  • Advanced module technology delivers superior module efficiency
  • Excellent outdoor power generation performance
  • High module quality ensures long-term reliability

Solar Inverter

  • Wide input voltage range from 60–550Vdc
  • Reactive power regulate
  • Integrated DC switch
  • Multi MPP controller
  • DSP controller
  • Touch control
  • Multi active power control mode


Solar Accessories

  • PV Cable 4mm²/6mm²
  • MC4
  • AC & DC Combine box
  • DC Switches 
  • AC&DC Breaker
Mounting structure


Solar Mounting structure

  • Residential Roof(Pitched Roof)
  • Commercial Roof(Flat roof & workshop roof)
  • Ground Solar Mounting system
  • Vertical wall solar mounting system
  • All aluminum structure solar mounting system
  • Car parking solar mounting structure


On-grid system is an electrical system that connects the photovoltaic system to the transmission line. This on-grid system consists of several elements i.e. Solar panels(solar rooftops), Inverter, and power transmission line. With these devices, we will be able to connect and transfer the electricity produced from solar panels to the central power line.Electricity can flow in and out of the transmission line. For example in case of the electricity produced is greater than amount consumed. Since, the system is not complicated and the cost is not too high. On-grid system is quite popular a method of installing the solar power system for private and residential buildings.

inverter solar 5kw
pure sine inverter
growatt solar inverter on grid 2.5kw
inverter on grid 3kw
power inverter 6000w
solar panel on grid inverter 5kw

Product parameter

20Kw Complete Solar System–450W
1Half Cut 450W72HPH 450M Size:2094*1038*35mm46 pcs
2Growatt MID 20KTL3-X20KW On Grid Tie Three Phase Growatt Inverter1 set
3Mounting StructureMaterial:Aluminum alloy Al6005-T5 or customized1 set
4PV CablesGood performance PV Cable1 set
5Working toolsWorking tools for installation1 set
On Grid Solar System 5KW–450W
1Roof or ground mountingCustomized as per information Aluminum1 Set
2PV Solar PanelHalf Cut 450w 144cells solar panel 12 Set
Size:2094*1038*35mm 23.3KG
3PV DC Cables1*4mm2100 Meter
4On Grid Inverter5KW Growatt MIN 5000TL-X+WiFi1 Set
5AC Combiner Box1in-1out (include FUSE, SPD, Leakage Breaker etc.)1 Set
6AC Cables3*4mm10 Meter
7MC4MC4 Connector12 Pairs
8ToolPV Wiring Tool1 Set
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