Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment Pole Electric Telescopic Solar Cleaning Brush


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Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment Pole Electric Telescopic Solar Cleaning Brush

  • Washing
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Head gooseneck design
  • Daily cleaning 0.5-1.2MW
  • 3.5-7.5 meters long, stretches freely
Cleaning Industry
  • X5 roling brush photovoltaic cleaning machine adopts gooseneck designwhich is more labor-saving than straight rod and more in line with human me-chanics. Cleaning personnel can clean about 0.5-1.2MW a day (The working conditions are complicated, please refer to the field data.).
  • The length of the pole is 3.5-7.5 meters, which can be freely ex-tended and contracted, and can adapt to various complex terrain environments;Lithium batteries last for about 4-5 hours, making cleaning more convenient.The product design is reasonable, the cleaning is easier, the labor intensity is re-duced, and the work is not tired for a day. In addition, three power supplyschemes are provided for you to choose from.
Solar Panel Cleaning Machine

【X51 Household electricity version】

Equipped with a power converter and 8 meters of wire, it can be used by connect-ing to 100v-240v AC, and can be directly connected to the water source / thepump can be purchased separately.

solar panel cleaning machine

【X52 Lithium battery version】

Equipped with a set of piggyback lithium battery packs, 24V/26ah, 8-10 hours ofbattery life; can be directly connected to the water source /can be purchased sep-arately from the pump.

solar panel cleaning

【X53 Dual-purpose version】

The combination of lithium battery version and mains version provides two powersupply solutions, free choice, direct connection to water source /separateoptional pump.

Solar Cleaning Brush Detail

The design of the product is reason-able, and a large number of alloy aluminum materials are used as the main structure. The weight of the machine is reduced by 35%, and the lightest is only 5.7KG. The cleaning is easier, the labor intensity is reduced, and the day is not tired. We are still equipped with three power supply schemes for everyone to choose from; for water supply, this washing machine does not have its own water supply device, but provides a variety of water supply pump schemes for everyone to choose freely.

Cleaning Brush

X5-Rolling brush photovoltaic cleaning machine 



Solar panels will attract dirt, soot, pollen, and bird droppings. This layer of grime reduces the ability of the solar array to perform at full capacity. This results in power loss.
Our professional solar cleaning equipment can keep your solar panels sparkling clean, which will maximize your solar energy output.

  • Washing
  • Snow Cleaning
solar cleaning machine
Solar Panels Cleaning On Roof
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Cleaning Bird Droppings
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