Solar the fastest growing European clean power source

Solar the fastest growing European clean power source

The latest numbers released by EU data body Eurostat indicate renewables, including hydropower, contributed 37% of Europe’s gross electricity consumption in 2020, up from 34% a year earlier.

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The latest snapshot of the European renewable energy market in 2020 released by EU statistical body Eurostat has revealed hydropower-heavy Norway and Iceland generated more electricity from renewables than was consumed in their national economies.

The figures, produced by Eurostat today, indicated solar power accounted for 14% of Europe’s gross electricity consumption in 2020, as part of a 34% renewables share across the continent to which wind power contributed the biggest proportion, with a 36% slice of the cake.

Solar, Eurostat indicated, is the fastest growing renewable energy source in the market.

Hydropower helped Norway and Iceland, members of the European Free Trade Association which gives access to the EU single market, boast more than 100% of their gross electricity consumption came from renewable energy generation.

High shares were also recorded in Austria, which drew upon clean energy for 78% of its consumption; Sweden (with 75% renewables); Denmark (65%); Portugal (58%); and Croatia and Latvia (53% each). At the other end of the scale, clean electricity met only 10% of Malta‘s consumption in 2020, Hungary and Cyprus recorded a figure of 12% each, Luxembourg had just 14% clean power, and Czechia just 15%.

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