Sunways unveils hybrid inverters for rooftop applications

three-phase hybrid inverters
STH 15-33 kW inverters
Image: Sunways

Sunways has developed new three-phase hybrid inverters for commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftop PV projects. The China-based inverter manufacturer is showcasing the new line at Intersolar Europe this week in Munich, Germany.

The STH 15-33 kW inverters have an oversizing ratio of 1.5 times and offer high compatibility with a wide range of components, according to Sunways. The line consists of seven versions, with power outputs ranging from 15 kW to 33 kW. The inverters measure 600 mm x 400 mm x 280 mm and weigh 45 kg.

The transformerless inverters feature two maximum power point tracking (MPPT) points, with efficiency ratings of up to 98.2% and a European efficiency rating of up to 97.4%. The MPPT voltage range is 200 V to 850 V, with a maximum PV power input of 22.5 kW for the 15 kW inverters and 49.5 kW for the 33 kW devices. The maximum input voltage is 1,000 V.

“The Sunways STH-15~33KTL inverter is designed to handle three-phase imbalances and offers diverse communication options for seamless integration with a wide range of systems,” the manufacturer said in a statement. “Its multi-mode switching functionality allows for easy adaptation to different solution requirements.”

The inverters have IP65-rated protection and operate within a temperature range of -30 C to 60 C. They come with lithium-ion batteries that have voltages ranging from 200 V to 800 V, supporting a maximum charge/discharge current of 50 A.

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